Corporate Overview

An all in one cloud-based technology platform where lenders have access to all of their AMCs, panel management capabilities and quality control policies and procedures. We presently provide services for lenders nationwide, giving them the freedom and bandwidth to work with a limitless number of appraisal management companies (AMC) , panel appraisers and QC vendors they deem appropriate while maintaining a single system of record for all valuation products.

Connexions offers unlimited opportunities to customize their four core product offerings; commercial appraisal management technology, appraisal panel management technology, appraisal management software to manage AMCs and appraisal management software for AMCs to manage their business.

The Connexions platform includes everything lenders need to manage the entire appraisal process with precision, oversight and efficiency. Ordering, appraiser assignment, tracking, delivery, condition management, communications, vendor management, full reporting and data backup are all included. Platform usage is more than just a component - it's a full array of automated services that give lenders control and flexibility.

What sets Connexions apart from our competitors:

1 Customizable enterprise vendor framework
2 No start up fees
3 Online video tutorials
4 Ability to manage multiple AMCs through the InHouseUSA Connexions platform
5 Manage multiple appraisals and appraisal companies
6 Open platform access and security hierarchies for lender employees
7 Customizable assignment , based on capacity, ranking and product type
8 Automated assignment to appraisers based on lender business rules
9 Product, generic location assignment
10 Geopoint mapping and assignment technology
11 Automated Invoicing and Payment Processing
12 Private Label Portal
13 No Fee LOS Integrations
14 Access to an appraiser repository database
15 Automatic credential management system
16 Customizable secure electronic delivery of appraisals and AVMs
17 Electronic QC of appraisal reports
18 Open vendor methodology: use the product that works best for you ex: Platinum Data (Realview), Streetlinx (QX). InHouseUSA is agnostic to the vendor market
19 Fee unlimited direct access to UCDP review queues (manual or configurable submission)
20 Appraiser scoring on quality and turnaround times (TATs) through detailed reporting
21 Standardization of, and consistency with, lender business rules, policies and underwriting